Class List for 2014  

Introduction to Machine Applique This one day class can be run using one of two small wall hangings designed especially for the complete novice in mind. Alternatively there are a number of quilts I have made that are not too complicated and can be taught as an introduction to appliqué. I teach the traditional method of tracing and fusing, a computerized method where the templates are printed directly onto the fusible and a new method using a ScanNCut machine.

​Introduction to Free Motion Quilting
In this one day class I teach the basics of FMQ, including machine set up, the use of different threads, thread delivery and different quilting backgrounds. The day is predominantly spent with the student practicing different backgrounds and perfecting their newly taught techniques.

No experience in FMQ is required but a basic understanding of their machines is necessary and the ability to troubleshoot problems particularly tension issues.

Introduction to Zentangle Inspired Quilting
In this one day class I teach the basics of FMQ, including machine set up, the use of different threads, thread delivery, marking the quilt and a variety of grid based quilting patterns. If this follows the Introduction of FMQ a wider variety of ZIQ patterns and their variations will be demonstrated and taught.

Introduction to Foundation Piecing This is a fun class for those that are familiar with piecing but want to learn a new technique. This is a particularly accurate way of undertaking piecing and can be used for more complicated blocks. The class teaches the log cabin block or the pineapple block and students produce a door stop in the form of a chicken as the practice piece.

​More advanced tuition classes
Quilting Feathers This is a one day class for those that are experienced in FMQ. An over view of machine set up will be the introduction followed by an intensive class where feathers in blocks, borders and as edge to edge patterns are demonstrated and taught. This is not suitable as an introduction to quilting.  

Individual quilts can be taught and there are a variety from which you can choose from. The vast majority are machine appliquéd and you can choose from modern, Japanese inspired or Civil War, and Regency era quilts. Some of these quilts are award winners or have appeared in quilting magazines, others have been designed with classes in mind. 

Tailored Classes I am also prepared to work with you to tailor class specific to you and your groups needs.

​ The only requirement for all the classes isthat you have a working knowledge of your sewing machine and that you are able to troubleshoot any sewing problems you may have with a little assistance from me.

Individual tuition costs
Option 1 One day class that would run for 6 hours either 9.30 – 3.30 or 10.00 – 4.00 or times that are convenient to you.

Option 2
Two afternoon sessions of 3 hrs each – times to your convenience.
Cost:  $40/hr

​Group tuition at another venue
Negotiable – plus travel at 50c a km over 50kms.

Group tuition costs
In the studio, max of 4 individuals.
Weekend: 1 day 6 hr lesson or 2 afternoon sessions.
​Total cost $300
Week nights: 7.30 – 9.30 or times to your convenience. 3 sessions,
Total cost for all three sessions: $300

Non-refundable deposit of $50 by bank transfer, balance to be paid on day of tuition
No tax invoices – no GST  

Please note: attending classes is at your own risk. I will of course minimize risk of injury but there is no public liability insurance.

Example of feathers used in a square block

QA Walk in the Park - intro to machine applique.

Feathered Wreath

Henrietta chicken - Foundation Piecing tuition piece

Raspberry and Licorice Sundae - Foundation Piecing

Neil Chisholm Designs

Zentangled Paisleys - intro to ZIQ